Standalone titanium gridfin with detachable stand and special metallic paint finish. Optional "Griddy McGridfinFace" 3D lettering on stand. Material is plastic, like every other model, not actual titanium! Old Aluminum Gridfin design is also coming soon.

Dimensions (without stand):
Height: 10cm or 3.9in
Width: 7cm or 2.7in

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Titanium Gridfin

SKU: M00100
  • Due to the nature of manufacturing these products, it will take some time. Models are never in stock and will be produced on demand only. According to the current backlog, it may take 4-8 weeks, in rare cases even longer (for complex, bigger models). I'll do my best to complete the order as fast as possible, but please keep that in mind and be patient and aware of that. Also, since these are not mass produced and don't come from a machine, each model will be individual and may have little imperfections. I will try my best to keep the quality as best as possible, but it's still not going to be a mass produced item like you would see from a store. Each model is handcrafted with SLA 3D printed parts.