2018 design state of the SpaceX "Starship" and "SuperHeavy" booster. Detailed and modeled individual windows, fin actuation hinges, 7 Raptor engines on the ship and 31 individually modelled and painted Raptor engines on the first stage booster.

Total stack height: 39.5cm

Starship/SuperHeavy (2018) 1/288 scale

  • The models that are available on this website are very focused on actual hardware, designed and manufactured by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation or SpaceX. However, these models are NOT officially endorsed or licensed by SpaceX. Therefore, the models delivered will NOT include decals with logos that are protected by copyrighted trademarks. The pictures on this website showing models with logos are for pure demonstration purposes. However, each model will be delivered with blank water transfer decal paper so you can print your own decals at home.