Kit version of the large 1/72 FH. Pictures show the 1/48 version but the appearance of the parts is the same, just smaller. Available as First Flight Edition and also the current Block 5. The cost of manufacturing the parts is about the same so there is no price differerence - but the Block 5 will require more paint and finishing efforts. Comes with decals and also blank decal sheets. Please note that the pictures don't show all the parts that are contained in this kit because they were due to be printed at the time the pictures were taken. The kit also comes with wooden stand and 3 custom made PVC pipes as base structure for the boosters. All parts are made to fit. A build video will come soon. Please choose the regular shipping option as the 1/144 kit shipping option does not apply here. For pictures of the finished model, please refer to the product page of the finished 1/72 FH. The finished model is around 1 meter tall. The 1/72 version will also feature an optional upper stage MVAC engine. Most people want these as permanent display with no seperable stages so please add a note to your order if you wish to have the MVAC option. There is no additonal cost.

1/72 Falcon Heavy Kit

FH Variant
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