How long does it take until my order gets shipped?

Since everything is made on demand, it may take a little while. This also depends on what you order. The list below shows the approximate wait time. These are just rough approximations and are dictated by the current backlog of orders and may be shorter or longer.

- model kit - 2-3 weeks
- 1/430 or 1/288 model - 3-4 weeks
- 1/144 model - 4-6 weeks
- 1/72 model - 4-6 weeks

Do these models contain decals?

The finished models will have decals applied that either don't fall under copyright regulations or which are officially licensed. The models shipped will also include a sheet of blank water transfer decal paper with which you can create your own missing decals. Model kits will contain ready to use non copyrighted decals plus a sheet of decal paper.

What if a part on my models breaks? How can I get replacement?

For parts replacement, please contact me at obraun@buzz-medialabs.de

Where are build instructions for the model kits?

These will follow soon and will be added to this website. Stay tuned!

Will I get notified when my order is complete and ready to ship?

Yes, you will receive a separate email once your order is complete. The email will also contain the shipping tracking number.