About BUZZ Space Models

My name is Oliver Braun and I run BUZZ Space Models. I am one of the owners of "BUZZ Medialabs" which is a film production and 3D animation studio based in southwest Germany. Space exploration and aviation have always been a big passion of mine, and I have been building and collecting scale models, as well as 3D modeling all sorts of things that fly, for a very long time. I can't think of anything more inspiring than having a physical model of something you love so much, standing on your desk.


SpaceX has had a big inspirational impact on me. I have been following SpaceX from day one. I followed their launches and progress over time and I wished to have a model of one of their rockets standing on my desk for quite a while. Unfortunately there weren't any available for purchase that had good detail and were up to date. With a background in 3D modeling and with the possibilities that new technology such as 3D printing provides, I decided to try it on my own. I researched and studied hundreds of pictures and began recreating the launch vehicles as 3D models over the course of a year, while saving money for a 3D printer. Using SLA printing instead of traditional and cheaper FDM, or extrusion based printers, was the only way to achieve the quality and level of detail I was aiming for. It took a long time to save up for this more expensive system, but it was totally worth it. The models have turned out really nice and better than I expected. After my models gained much attention from the space community and receiving lots of requests for models, I decided to manufacture them for others to enjoy too.

The pricing of the models that I produce is dictated by the manufacturing cost of the parts and hours of work required to produce each model. SLA printing is very expensive compared to FDM, but the quality and surface finish is unmatched, therefore it's totally worth it. I am not looking into mass producing these models. I would like to keep it at a build-on-demand basis in small quantities.


I am constantly improving the designs and manufacturing new models, while keeping the models updated to match the real launch vehicles. This doesn’t work with mass production as the the designs would need to be frozen.


After all, passion for space exploration is my main driver and motivation in making these models, not income maximisation. As long as my costs are covered and I can continue doing what I love, I'm all good :) I hope you enjoy my work!