BUZZ Space Models

Accurate space model replicas

In-house 3D modelled, SLA 3D printed and handcrafted rocket models. Inspired by real life next-generation space vehicles

The models available on this website are based on actual flight hardware, designed and manufactured by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (a.k.a., SpaceX). These models are NOT officially endorsed or licensed by SpaceX. Product images depicting models with logos are for demonstration purposes only. Purchased models do not include decals with trademarked logos. A blank water transfer decal sheet is included with all models for customer-based decal creation.

Each model is carefully designed and engineered for it's scale. Each model is made to order. Due to the high amount of orders, its very hard to predict, when models will be finished and ready to ship. Each order is processed according to a build queue. Kits ship faster, complex models need longer due to the time needed for hand crafting. Each model is SLA printed, handcrafted and airbrushed which takes time! Keep this in mind when ordering. We ship internationally.

As with the real launch vehicles, the models are constantly evolving. Whether it's an upgrade of the real world counterpart or better engineering solutions for the models themselves. Because of this, your model will always be the latest version and may look a bit different to the ones pictured here.


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